My Art Supplies

Here you will find a list of my favorite art supplies. I am still learning new techniques  so do let me know if you have any suggestions! I love learning different ways to make beautiful and meaningful art. I paint what I love, not what I know and that's always been my thing since the beginning of my art journey. It all started with watercolors then gradually moved onto other mediums such as, fabric painting and acrylic on canvas.
I am not in love with one medium, i just love too much! I love painting on canvas, watercolor paper and fabric. I also love sewing and creating something I am proud to wear.
This is only the beginning and I hope to inspire many of you (and by many of you, maybe 4-5 people reading this lol).
1. ARCHES cold pressed water color pad. They're a little on the pricey side so I save these for the paintings I plan on selling not for practicing. I prefer cold pressed for the more textured look.
2. ARTEZA watercolor pad. For the price, I'd say these are perfect for beginners. The quality of the cold pressed paper is also amazing. You really get more bang for your buck.
3. WATERCOLOR BRUSH. I am not a brush snob and I actually only use round brushes for watercolors. Maybe I just don't have the patience to switch brushes when I am dealing with watercolors. AMAGIC watercolor round brush are just simply great. They're high quality and cheap!
4. HOLBEIN AND WINSOR AND NEWTON. These are a few of my favorite watercolor and gouache. Gouache gives it more of an opaque look which i love.
5. STRATHMORE WATERCOLOR CARDS. Sometimes we just want to be extra and gift someone a handmade watercolor card. Am i right? lol. If you have the time, I think it is the sweetest gesture and not to mention, way cheaper than buying fancy cards these days. You get 50 cards and envelopes for $25!
6. TRAVEL BRUSH PEN. Do you travel a lot but also wish you could bring your easel? Ok maybe not your easel.  For a fraction of the price, the ARTEZA portable water brush pen is simply amazing.
1. CANVAS. I get all of my stretched canvas from Dick Blick. They have quite a variety and I love that they offer discounts if you buy in bulk. I love the gallery style and traditional with 1 1/2" depth back-stapled allowing for future restretching. I chose that thickness because simply, they just look better unframed. I do have small size canvas with only 7/8" depth and I think they would look better framed.
2. BRUSHES. When it comes to acrylic brush, a nice quality brush really do make a difference. I like natural bristles. I use the Blick Essentials Value set and I won't lie that I also use my watercolor brush to paint acrylic. I am really saving up for the Blick Masterstroke Brush
3. SPONGES. I have about 5 bags of sponges at my studio because I use them so much. They're just an integral part of my style. I use the Royal Super value sponge set.
4. ACRYLIC COLOR. I use Golden Heavy Acrylic paint. I just get more bang for my buck. The colors are creamy, smooth and has a nice pigment.
5. PALETTE KNIFE. I love palette knives equally as much as I love sponges. They definitely add texture into my paintings.
1. FABRIC PAINT. I love botanical colors and seta silk.
2. FABRIC. I love working with silk charmeuse. It is so different compared to cotton canvas. The colors are so fluid and it makes me nervous each time I paint because of how much paint could spread on the fabric but I think that is what i love the most about it. I buy my fabric from Michael Levine in LA or Dharma Trading.
3. FABRIC BRUSH. I use the same watercolor brush on fabric paint which made me realize, I am probably in love with Winsor and Newton cotman round 11. It is just so versatile.
4. FABRIC STRETCHER. I use the easy fabric stretcher frame. It can be easily transported as it also comes with a nylon storage/carrying case.
5. OTHER FAVORITES: Recently, I started sourcing vintage linens, cotton handkerchief and silk robes as a way to up-cycle fabrics. I have collected many and I plan on turning them into beautiful pieces of treasures soon.
That's it for now. I hope you find my list of art supplies helpful. I know that some of these items are priced high and please know that you don't have to buy these items to create. Being creative doesn't mean buying the most expensive paint supplies. I love being crafty too. Up-cycling items is a great way to be resourceful and not to mention, sustainable way to create. I will be honest and before this journey began, I bought fast fashion and whatever I thought was trendy and cheap. I am trying my best to eliminate that, live simply, support vintage sellers and create.
Art is a great therapy! Thank you for reading and I hope that whoever reads this we can connect and collaborate someday!